It is about how
to control the process

It is for you if you work in
a marketing department

You can easily
apply the steps

It is the way to
a better design


Detach yourself, get away from the computer, look for a different place from where you usually work, take a pencil, a white paper, put away your worries and phone. Think big! You can change the world! Turn this project into the coolest experience of the moment. With the right mindset, you can change the world or at least your universe.


Ok, you’ve dreamt enough! Write down a plan. Think about stakeholders (public), objectives and how you can create a super experience for the audience trying to reach the objectives. The key to this stage is understanding the stakeholders (public). If you don’t know them well enough, it is time to go and do it.


There are no limits! Write down the boldest way to conquer your stakeholders (public). There isn’t a good or a bad way. There is only the idea of courage or its lack. Gather as many ideas as possible.


Maybe you already know your public or not. Either way, write down information about them, what they want, how they interact (offline, digital). Speak with at least 3 people to validate your ideas and build at least a persona – build personas (find out about personas here –


You have a plan, you have already a design line, it’s very well. But is time to go back to the objectives. One of them is to connect your endeavor to the brand. To what extent, what you’ve created follows brand elements? What about style guide elements? Line them up! It’s not easy, but from here you can get some even cooler ideas.


Good, you already have lots of ideas and a number of sketches. Turn them into a concept. In this stage, you will have to simplify, to refine keeping in mind the public.


Too many analysis steps, strategic thinking, and sketches. It’s time to give life to the concept. Create a sample, the prototype, on which you can get the first round of feedback.


Take 2-3-4 days of analysis and reflection. Ask for feedback, discuss, analyze. Don’t rush this stage! It’s an essential period to find that genius element.


You’ve probably gathered a good round of feedback and you have some new ideas. Go back to stage 3, think about the audience and simplify, simplify, simplify.


You already have all the information, move forward and create what you have gathered until now, especially what you’ve learned in stage 8. It will be an upward way.


Take a break and look back! Is what you’ve created clear enough, simple enough, suitable enough for your stakeholders (public)? Does it address them? Simplify!


Step 11 is important, treat it with honesty and responsibility. If everything is well, go even further and finish the project. If not, go back to step 10.


There you are, you’ve reached the end. You’ve made a material that is relevant for your stakeholders (public), able to inspire and to make a change. Perfect, next time it will be easier and better. Don’t stop thinking big!

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