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A different website on the construction market

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Today, 16th of November 2016, e launched the most “different” website from the world of building materials suppliers in Romania. The brand name is Scott Air and its story is at least a little bit “different”.

The website is different because it mirrors the team, a nonconformist one, because it brings a new approach, because it provides the visitor with an updated stock (without being a business to business platform) and by design.

Our objective was to create a platform with a clean design, simple, easy to use and brave, to the spirit of Scott Air team. We relied on design, on the power of images, on introducing Scott Air mascot and on the team transparent and professional approach.

  • Tools: WordPress, HTML, CSS, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
  • Photo: Scott Air, Scott Air partners, stock photos, Toud collage
  • Official website – Scott Air
  • Newsletter – Scott Air

We haven’t told you too much about the activity field or about Scott mascot, but you will discover this information on the website.

We would appreciate your feedback! Thank you!

Toud team

Scott Air
Scott Mascot