A project of branding and web presence for France

Au Petit Pêcheur du Moulin Plateau

We have finished up for a while a project of branding and web presence for France, for a small business from Saint Germain des Près.

Our purpose was to build a fresh and lively image by maintaining simplicity in design and communication. We wanted the image of this little business to be human, to continuously display the “brand personality” elements that we took from their team

After a thoroughly research of the market for this business, of competition and following the analysis of the feedback received from the potential customers, we started working. In the second phase we built the strategy part that guided us in building the visual identity and the website.

We chose a mix between hand writing fonts and simple straight ones to better show that human character that we spoke about. The idea of simplicity and trust was shown by print fonts.

We made a very simple logo that suggests fishing, but also an elopement in nature.

The website is one page, simple, clean, able to guide any person who wants to elope in a natural environment for a few hours.

More details you can see down below.

Official website – Etang de pêche à la truite – Au Petit Pêcheur du Moulin Plateau