About logos and how important it is to tell a story

+ the last 13 Toud stories told through logo

Instead of beginning – a thought about logos

We receive very often requests for logo creation (exclusively logo) or, sometimes, logo and website. What those who ask for that don’t know is that to make a logo from nothing isn’t just an impossible mission, but also a useless one, a wrong approach. I will tell you why down below. The saddest aspect of these requests is that the professionals in our guild have fueled such a marketing/design culture and many even create logos and build visual identity starting from nothing or too little. Moreover, this year we’ve witnessed several national competitions of logo creation that had no trace of strategy but had well-known people in the jury.

What about logos? 

The logo is part of what we call – visual identity – a set of graphic elements whose role is to differentiate a product/service/company/organization from others.

Visual identity refers to a set of elements that can be „seen”, and not to their meaning (of course that it is impossible to create a visual identity without a meaning that results from the strategy). In other words, visual identity can’t exist without a strategy, without an analysis of what a product/service/company organization is. This analysis must consider the market as well (competition, potential customers). To get to believe that you need a logo, you must think about targeting, positioning,  differentiation points, branding elements, in a word – strategy.

Only after you finish this part, you can aspire to create a logo. This stage mustn’t be skipped because without it you can’t make a relevant logo.

How should a logo be?

It often happens to see around beautiful, but irrelevant logos, logos that don’t express the brand essence, don’t succeed in communicating with the target, have no connection with the product/service/organization.

A logo must be:

  • relevant – to mirror the product/service/organization and to be built for the target and in accordance with the market;
  • simple – it must be easy to understand, read, memorized;
  • symbolic – it’s ideal to be able to create a symbol from a logo, meaning to make it express freely and without analysis the brand essence;
  • different – around us, there are millions of logos, so it’s necessary to create a logo about which there can be no confusion.

What should we do, in Romania (about logos)

The agencies that make logo design must understand how harmful it is to sell logos without having a strategy. The experts in the filed must express this absolutely necessary connection between the strategy and visual identity. They shouldn’t get involved in wrong initiatives like those organized in Romania in 2017 (we only remind you here the initiative of Bucharest City Hall to create the city logo). And we would even mention that it’s necessary that business people search for a partner in the marketing/design field only after they have gathered a minimum of knowledge to be able to make a correct validation.

Down below we present the logos created by Toud during the past year. As we said before, they aren’t relevant if they aren’t connected to the story behind them. For each logo, we attach the story (click on the image).

Instead of conclusion, an idea that completes the words above:  loc de concluzie,

“If your stories are all about your products and services, that’s not storytelling. It’s a brochure. Give yourself permission to make the story bigger.” – Jay Baer

We want to help you so we analyze for free the way in which your organization tells its story!

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