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    We believe in total transparency so down below you can find out how we calculate the prices. You will find out what is the price per hour for agency and how much is a simple presentation website.

About toud.ro price policy, the price per hour for agency

The agency price for an hour of activity is 35 €.

The agency price for creation, design, strategy and WEB development is 45 € per hour.

Tell us what is your project about and we will make a working time and cost estimation.

The price per hour may drop by up to 10% for projects.

You have to know from the very beginning that at Toud you will pay for the project and not for the time that we invest in every activity. The time estimation is made so that  you can better understand the scale of the project and for us to be able to calculate an estimated price. 

At  Toud you will pay per project because you choose to work with an experienced agency that benefits from a lot of know-how, and has passionate and devoted people with many years of study in the field.  

We will present each time the costs of the projects before starting them, with maximum of transparency. We assume these costs no matter how complicated the project may become.

Landmark – price for a website

In order to make an idea about what we do, we can tell you that Toud makes a simple presentation website (simple, but relevant and connected to the target and brand values) in about 40 hours (almost a week of team work). During this time our team will better understand your business, the behavior and expectations of potential customer, will make the design and implement it. We ensure basic on-page SEO optimization. We will create a Google Analytics account where you can see statistics regarding your website. You will have a modern, easy to use, easy to administrate website, that updates by itself and is permanently secure. All that for 1 650 €.

We propose a simulation!

Tell us a few words about your project.
Following an analysis, we will set the objectives and make
an estimation of price and time of execution!

We help you to tell your story!

: ) . . . don’t forget to smile!

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