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    We believe in transparency as a business strategy. You can find below how we evaluate the projects and how much does a website implementation cost.

About toud.ro price policy, the price per hour for agency

The price agency for one hour of activity is 25 €.

For design, creative work, strategy and web development  the price agency for one hour of activity is 35 €.

Tell us more about your project and we will estimate the time and costs needed to complete the project.

The price per hour can decrease by up to 20%  for projects.

Landmark – the price of a website

We can make a simple presentation site (a simple one) in about 30 hours, almost one week of team work. Meanwhile, our team understands your business, potential customer behavior and expectations and will perform the design and implementation.  We provide on-page SEO basis. We will create a Google Analytics account where you will be able to see statistics about your website. You will have a mobile-friendly and user-friendly website that updates automatic and is very secure. All these at a cost of 750 €.

We propose to you a simulation!

Tell us a few words about your project.
Following the analysis, we set the goals and we can estimate
the costs and execution time!

1 + 3 = ?

Creating for you, step by step!

: ) . . . don’t forget to smile!

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