ArtEnergy – rebranding for an energy distributor

The correct title would actually be Rebranding for the organization that will change the energy industry in Romania. Maybe it is too brave, even the people within the company would say that. But, that is how it is seen from the outside. We are waiting for their launch on the stock exchange, together with their first green energy projects.

So, how the process was.

We met in January 2021. Back then, they were looking for an agency to make them a presentation. They found us on Google. In January 2022 we launched their new brand – ArtEnergy, after 12 months of a beautiful collaboration. Sure, that presentation they needed came to life too, in the spring of 2021, but it is already outdated now.

ArtEnergy is a company with a total Romanian capital, large, with a turnover of hundreds of millions of euros. In 2021, when we met, they were distributing fossil fuels and related products and has a well-defined customer portfolio. It is a very dynamic company, having spectacular growth in a short time. We should mention that here we met some brave, visionary, and very open-minded people. Hence, perhaps, their inspirational evolution, we would say.


The collaboration began with a presentation design, for which we made things well by organizing several workshops and following a UX internal process with specific activities.


“You have to keep trying to increase the positive impact you bring around yourself.” We started the process of transforming the organization from this thought of the founders of Artoil. The moment we chose is connected with the profound, global change that the energy industry is going through. More than that, at the regional and national levels, there is a lack of a vector of change in migration towards a sustainable future, implicitly towards green energy. So, under a new brand and after a transformation process, the organization can take on this role. 

The transformation “extracts” the organization from the area of fuel distributors and places it in a new, uncreated category, which is born in Romania and along with it the distribution of sustainable energy (green energy, electricity, fuels).

The common ambition, discovered in the interviews we conducted, is strongly connected with performance and courage, and we translate it into – the team’s desire to support the global transition towards a green future and to help the Romanian economy grow faster. Pushing the boundaries further – that is how we formulated the team’s vision, and we believe that this phrase expresses the best the essence of this organization.

Visual identity

When we got to this stage, it already had a new name, a new strategy, and a creative brief. We have already decided to make a new visual, to leave behind the lion which was part of the previous logo.

We created an abstract geometric symbol, meant to express the values of the company and especially the joy of being together and bringing positive impact.


We developed a new website designed to help ArtEnergy customers, clearly expressing the organization’s concerns for a sustainable future. This website will also support the new projects in which the organization will be involved or which it will build.

The long way of change

In January 2022, we launched a new brand. We are in March, and we live in one of the most complicated periods of the modern world in terms of energy and our, the civilized world, relationship with it.

Following is an extensive transformation process for ArtEnergy that we designed in 3 steps, a stage of learning, maturation, vector of change. In parallel, through a number of internal and external activities, intense work is being done to communicate the new brand. We consider this stage a very important one. The new positioning of the organization, with the values identified at group level, with the group commitments, with the promise, with the brand personality should be visible also at the individual level of the team, authentic and assumed. When this is visible, we can say that we have completed this project.

Social media campaigns and other communication elements

The path we talked about above also means a number of campaigns in social media, as well as the creation of both internal and external communication materials. You can see some of them “at work” on  ArtEnergy SM accounts.

Instead of conclusion

This project brought us good energy, inspired us, motivated us to believe more in the idea of a sustainable future. We believe that the good energy can also be seen in the visual identity we built.