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Portfolio book – over 20 years of projects and a book – Primavera Book


Primavera Development

We are an ambitious and creative Romanian real estate developer. We collaborate with talented architects to create innovative projects, with a focus on office and residential.

We see every project being undertaken as a commitment to improving people’s working and living standards. We learn and grow with each project, pay attention to every detail, and never compromise on quality.

Our first project started in 2001, and since then, we have added to our portfolio 17 more. We seek to bring through our projects, without exception, a positive impact on the city from an aesthetic and functional aspect.

In the following pages, you will see our journey from 2001 until today.

We are proud to show you how we have managed to transform small city areas through our projects.

Let’s get going!

Portfolio book – The problem

Primavera Development has built a series of reference projects in Bucharest and in the country. To put them in the light and present them easily to future partners, he needed a catalog that would contain them all.

Portfolio book – The solution

Although we are in the midst of the digital age, we chose to build a material that will be printed, not to tie ourselves to the past or to show an inclination towards tradition, but to suggest the connection with architecture, with blueprints, with paper and to have an easy tool to use in future meetings. We also wanted, through attention to detail, to suggest from the first contact with this material that this is in the company’s DNA.

We didn’t make a catalog, we made a book. We placed the 15 projects in a chronological chain, trying to argue the developer’s courage to build buildings to very high standards in a world (Romania) where this goal is difficult to achieve – Primavera Development – The pursuit of excellence on a mined field.

In order to build something different, we made a series of choices:

  • The size of the book is atypical – it has large dimensions, and it is landscape to allow the printing of photos in the right format – 33×27 cm – dark format.
  • We use 15 sheets of tracing paper inserted at the beginning of each project, on which we printed (in negative) the number of the project
  • The covers are made of very thick cardboard, and on the first cover, we made a large cutout, to allow the logo on page 1, from the inside, to be visible.
  • In contrast, we used black and white non-colors and a series of geometric motifs that suggest the idea of chronology.
  • We built a series of simple layouts, with harmony between photos and sketches, to highlight the projects

It was very difficult to print this book, having so many non-standard elements and large dimensions.

This is one of the projects that we considered to be very simple, but which turned out to be very complex and which required much more time than the initial estimate. We accepted this error and worked as much as was necessary to obtain a result that we can enjoy together with the Primavera team.