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Branding – law office in Bucharest

Law is a sensitive topic when it comes to branding. The reasons are many and all lead to the concept of – trust – which has a great importance in this field and which is being build very hard.

In Romania there is a number of law offices with tradition. Because not long ago we have become a democracy, this tradition is small and can’t be compared with the western or overseas one. The brand identity specific for this domain is one that tends to sobriety. It has always relied on a quite arid and harsh style, sometimes animated by strong colors (red, blue etc.), but still distant.

We could even say that in Romania this domain doesn’t keep up with the “times”, that it is not connected to the technological boom and the changes in the social and cultural paradigm. The sober, dark style still persists.

We, at Toud, build a new and different perspective for a young law office.

We care – this is the starting point of this process of creation of a brand identity and image. This is the brand essence.  

We believe that the differentiation on this market is made through involvement, through how responsible a law office is, how much they are involved, how much it matters for them that everything they do for the client to be perfect, impeccable. This is not a cliche, it is a paradigm shift in this guild, a connection to the new world, where services can exist only if they are of high quality.  

From this concept we have started the brand construction. You can see below stage number 2, visual identity, a series of logo and fonts proposals and simulations meant to help the brand in this direction – “we care”

The starting points in the visual construction are the ones below.

simple / trust / transparency / dedicated / clean / impeccable / human / listen / smart / find solutions