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KADRA means frame, open access, protection, and comfort, all at the same time, order, and efficiency. For us, all of these mean engineering and professionalism. And for our partners, we know it means trust.

”With 27 years of experience, we are the only company in Romania that offers integrated technical solutions for engineering and access management. Whether it’s automation solutions for doors, gates, and windows, parking management (Parkomatic), or automatic smoke evacuation systems, KADRA continuously innovates, providing its partners with complete services, from consulting to design, execution, and maintenance, all for increased comfort and a sense of security.”

KADRA brochures and catalogs design

We have been collaborating with KADRA since the early days of Toud, even a little before that. In over 10 years of collaboration, we have created a series of brochures and catalogs for Aluterm (now KADRA), actually, with few exceptions, for all of them.

BikeTower, KADRA, sistem parcare biciclete, smart city

The approaches were diverse, we adapted catalogs from external suppliers, recreated catalogs based on information and photos received from external suppliers, created catalogs from scratch with our own solutions, or created small brochures connected to immediate needs or serving niches. Additionally, we also created a book, the Record Book, with a minimalist design, meant to highlight the advanced solutions in automatic doors offered by KADRA.

The Open Door, publishing design

The largest catalog is the CAME Catalog with over 200 pages containing complete information about CAME gate automation solutions and hardware. One of our favorite catalog design projects is the one dedicated to electric car charging solutions, EvBOX, for which we had a series of very successful photos provided by the technical solution provider.

Catalog CAME, catalog prezentare produse, publishing design

The catalogs are made for various divisions and contain solutions from different fields: automatic doors, automatic barriers, applications for parking lots, automatic gates, automatic windows, polycarbonate, ecological paving, charging stations for electric vehicles, medical doors, fire-resistant doors, and curtains, etc.

Sisteme policarbonat, brosura prezentare sisteme policarbonat, publishing design
Record Romania, publishing design
BikeTower, KADRA, sistem parcare biciclete, smart city, publishing design
Protectie la foc, brosura de prezentare, publishing design
Statii incarcare electrice
Ecoraster, pavaj ecologic, brosura prezentare
Usi automate pietonale, publishing design
Sisteme policarbonat, publishing design
Brosura Tormed, sistem acces automat pentru spitale, KADRA
Brosura usi rapide
Brosura Siatec, UCS green
Brosura Parkomatic, publishing design
KADRA HR Management, publishing design
Aluterm brosura prezentare engleza
Trape de fum, policarbonat, catalog prezentare

Through this collaboration with KADRA, we are effectively able to connect with different fields, communicate with a well-defined audience, but which differs from one division to another, and collaborate with marketing teams from external partners and KADRA’s international collaborators (Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, etc.).