Commercial Financial Academy

A web UI project


UI website – desktop version

About the organization and audience

The foundations of the Commercial Financial Academy are laid by entrepreneurial people who want to start their own business, a trade and finance academy, where those who wish can participate in online courses.

Website – under construction

Industry – business and consultancy

Country – USA

About the design – client

We want two pages that should be clean, professional, and attractive, where to highlight the services we provide.

About the design – TOUD

We resonated with this team at the beginning of their business as we support the companies, training houses, and people who offer online and offline learning programs. For this web UI project, we chose to create a simple design, with a lot of white space, a design that highlights the services provided by the academy and its commercial-financial side. We used images with people from the accountancy field as well as suggestive images to illustrate the services provided. And we also used an element from the logo, the arrow, that we integrated into the layout of the images to create a strong connection with the brand and visual identity.


UI design for two pages – desktop version- brief provided by the customer

TOUD solution

After several rounds of design, we got to the proposals below.

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