visual identity for a technology supplier in food industry

Detunata is a company that brings on the market equipment and integrated technological solutions for weighing, slicing, and labeling products in the food industry.

With more than 25 years of activity in the field, Detunata team members chose 2020 as the year of major changes. If in 2019 the company reinvented itself and redirected its efforts to offer specialized consultancy in the field in which they operate as well, in 2020 they changed their visual identity.

Visual identity for a new start

Toud team worked in close collaboration with Detunata team to rebuild the brand’s visual identity. We had in mind Detunatele relief forms, which are basalt rocks with the appearance of columns, but also the new focus the company has. To those, we added Detunata monogram and also the name of the brand to make the connection with its human side.

The process

The organization has a pretty well-defined brand strategy. Based on a brief from the customer and a number of online meetings, we set the design directions.

We got back to the creative team with this information, and we started the creation process. Creation process it’s too much to say. We believe that we can attribute the word creation only to artists who, without constraints and by having a free spirit, can recreate worlds. In our case, it was a long process of giving life to a symbol that can represent the company. In this process, we start with sketches made with a pencil on paper. It is quite funny that sometimes the ideas “struck” us while dining and then using a pen and a napkin we manage to immortalize a new way. There is no magical formula for getting to a result, but a continuous process of creating and recreating ideas. Thus, we get to have 100-300 sketches depending on the project.

The same happened with Detunata. It was easy for us as we had several directions of inspiration, the symbolism behind the brand being generous.

Below you can see where we got in the end. The way was long, but like every time, we fully enjoyed it.