Dorul pescarului – brand startegy


“Dorul pescarului” is the name chosen or a guesthouse in Romania, built in a hilly area of the Southern Subcarpathians. Dorul pescarului is actually a retreat chalet, located close to a river, between the river bed and an artificial lake, in a hilly area, in the Subcarpathians, far away from villages and cities. For fishermen, this place is like heaven on earth. But this aspect is the least important. Before anything,  Dorul pescarului is a destination where you can find peace and where you have access to a clean natural environment, fully preserved and with an astonishing view of Fagaras mountain range. This place, hidden in the heart of nature, is suitable especially for children because here they have the freedom and jy that nature brings.

Toud had the task of building an identity for this piece of heaven.

We wanted to highlight the differentiation points – retreat chalet in a memorable natural area, built in a “land of water”. From here came a direct connection with a strong symbol – the fish. We defined the brand elements starting from this perspective – defined by its very name – “dorul pescarului” (fisherman logging).

Below we present the process of building the visual identity elements. We will present in a future article the brand strategy along with all the elements included, from brand essence to brand personality.