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UI for a sales platform for eco products for children, in Switzerland


UI website – desktop version

About organization and audience

EcoGeneration sells sustainable and ecological products for children throughout Switzerland. EcoGeneration’s vision is to reconcile the economy with climate issues and find new ways to protect the environment sustainably. The website will serve several audience categories. The most important being one of the actual and potential customers, retailers throughout Switzerland, and online and offline stores.

Website – ecogeneration.ch

Industry – retail

Country – Switzerland

About the change – customer

We want a simple and modern website. The structure of the page should be clear and intuitive. The images are important for us so we would like big photos.

About the change – TOUD

We have strongly resonated with this team, as sustainable development and environmental protection are strong values that influence both our professional and personal life as well. In this project, we tried to make a positive experience. Since the first interaction the user receives a “dose of joy”. We used images of children, nature, pastel colors, but also strong shades of green to recreate a natural environment. We structured the information to be easily understandable and accessible. We used a generous amount of white space. We also tried to highlight the suppliers of such eco products which in turn inspire through design and vision.


UI website design for home page – desktop version – brief provided by the customer

TOUD solution

After several rounds of design, we got to the proposal below.

UI for a platform which is selling sustainable and ecological products for children throughout Switzerland

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