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Guide des filières universitaires francophones en Roumanie

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Because at Toud we are also concerned about the future of the young generation, and we want to contribute to change, we collaborated with the French Institute to create a guide to French-speaking university courses in Romania. The guide includes all the 109 branches in the country that specialize in the French language, as well as all the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs that they offer to students. For the first time, the skills developed in the francophone courses, as well as their employment opportunities, are presented in a guide.

publishing design, design, ghid filiere universitare, Toud, Institutul Francez din Romania, graphic design

How we got involved

Toud created the design of this guide and did the DTP part (Desktop Publishing – creation of each page based on the design built in advance by the Toud team and the content provided by the French Institute). We chose an easy-to-follow, cheerful, light layout, which is primarily aimed at young people. Each description is divided into 6 points, which have been marked by labels and representative symbols.

Regarding the specializations, we have chosen to differentiate them by using specific colors, each specialization being assigned a color, to facilitate the search in the guide. For each specialization, the strengths were highlighted by marking them distinctly with a colored band and a representative symbol.