h4l – the neighborhood that brings joy into life

visual identity, brand strategy and web design

h4l (home 4 life) is a movement, a new one in Romania, that promotes the idea of homes built for people and their needs. The over 150 members of h4l team aim to build homes that bring joy into life by redefining the way in which homes in our country are designed, built and managed.  h4l Development is the company that currently develops 7 neighborhoods in Romania, 5 in Bucharest and 2 in Brasov, neighborhoods that follow home 4 life movement (this movement means a series of principles and commitments, read more about it here).

The brief for this project was very simple – we change the norms of design, construction and living in Romania. In the next 4 years, we build over 4 000 apartments with an investment of 400 million euros. We need a strong brand and an impeccable image, what can be done?

For us, the challenge was enormous, we had the chance to actually take part in the creation of this movement that will change the way homes look in Romania.

We began by understanding the market, people’s needs and the values and motivations that underlie the team that develops this project – symbolically named and very anchored into reality – h4l development – home 4 life development.

In this project, we gathered hundreds of hours of meetings (physical and virtual) with people that look for an apartment or a house or people who have already found one. We spent hundreds of hours in workshops with the team and future residents.

We created a visual system able to present in harmony the first neighborhoods, but also the future ones.

Everything has been designed under the sign of simplification to make life easier for the person who is looking for an apartment.

In this project, we went through research, many workshop activities, brand strategy, design, visual identity design, web design, and web implementation.

The project was launched to the public in December 2020. We are in the midst of testing, improving each interaction between the potential/existing customer and organization, and preparing to launch new projects.

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