Ma Ra Mi – A wool journey, from lookbook to presentation poster

A wool project: from fashion to art installation is a project initiated by Ma Ra Mi through which the authentic Romanian design is promoted. The designer of this collection and founder of Ma Ra Mi is Andra Clitan. She created for this project, that is based on wool, a material closely related to local tradition, a collection where tradition interweaves with contemporary fashion. In this project, she had alongside craftsmen from Maramures, who keep traditions transmitted from generation to generation for centuries.

A wool journey isn’t only about creating a collection made most of natural materials. It is also about documenting every step of processing the wool. This journey of the material was captured through an art installation presented at the October exhibition.

Toud was a partner in this project making the design for promotional materials: poster, invitations, stands, lookbook. For all the materials, we created layouts in line with the artist’s brand visual identity. To have coherence and make the brand recognizable for people who have already interacted with it, for the lookbook we adapted a layout used in the past for collections presented at international fashion events.

Among the communication materials made by Toud are 2 invitations: one for the exhibition opening and another one for Sustainable fashion, intelligent textiles and traditions in contemporary clothing design conference. We chose a simple design where we highlighted the idea of the project through the image of a winding frame.

For the descriptions on the stands, we chose a simple layout where we added besides the text dedicated to each object in the exhibition the tow logos of Ma Ra Mi and Administration of the Natural Cultural Found, the co-financer of this project. Also, we used symbols that appear in the lookbook as well as in Ma Ra Mi logo, the Xs inspired by traditional Romanian motifs.

We, Toud team, believe that we can find in our past an enormous cultural richness and that all these identifiable elements, from clothing to those related to experiences and behavior, can be a valuable substance for new creations. We are delighted to be able to be part of such projects like A wool journey because we feel that this is a way to we carry on that richness gathered in the thousands of years in which people lived, forged, enjoyed and looked towards the sky with gratitude and hope on these lands.

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