MaRaMi – Milan Fashion Week SS20 Collection

Life is a journey and every moment leaves a print on a person’s soul. Each place enriches you culturally and helps you to know yourself better. MaRaMi is about that, about the courage of transposing into fashion all the gathered experiences. MaRaMi collections represent this journey through life, whose starting point is in the local culture, in traditional Romanian crafts, in Maramures, this place in the world full of mystery, depth, meaning, where Andra Clitan was born.

This year (2019), MaRaMi was again at Milan Fashion Week where SS20 collection was presented. It is a collection that continues the dialogue between ancestral manual techniques and modernity – tech fabrics, simple cuts. Through this collection, Andra Clitan tries to create a connexion between the idea of femininity, uniquely lived and understood by each woman and these looks.

For SS20 collection it was needed a lookbook, as well as a line sheet with details about products and sale prices, and a cover image for the email that was to be sent to MaRaMi database as an invitation to the fashion week.

We, Toud team, were glad to be part of this journey alongside MaRaMi. For the lookbook, we followed the visual identity guide, keeping the design lines used for previous lookbooks. We made a selection of photos that we integrated with the lookbook and for the cover image, we used a few looks that were to be presented at Milan Fashion Week.

MaRaMi journey continues and we, Toud team, keep close to it in the following projects. Follow us to find out details about future projects.