Maria Felea

A sensible and skillful person who wants to give more to the world. She does that by manufacturing jewels and hair accessories through which she spreads love and sensibility.

Maria Felea is a Romanian designer, deeply influenced by French culture, who creates both jewels and accessories for brides. Her collections, handmade, are made of precious objects through which the artist urges to love, to an inner journey meant to bring out the love of the female soul, to lead to self-acceptance and love that later will help women give back love.

All her collections are based on the idea of inner journey and acceptance and self-esteem seen as necessary steps that lead to fulfilled and given love.

We, Toud, have the role to define this brand and create its base for consolidation. We will develop a new visual identity, will rebuild the website and optimize to reach as many people from the audience.

Maria Felea story has been there for many years, it can be discovered here – Maria Felea. The process of transformation of the current brand is long and requires some steps. We invite you to keep close to us and Mria Felea story. You will be able to read more information here and on the artist’s website.

Toud team