Music school branding – Melody School – Bucharest


In branding is like in life, it is well to start right. If you don’t start right it will be hard to make it right, but not impossible. Most companies ignore this part of the business and summary everything at logo + website + business cards + Facebook. The saddest part is that there are people, let’s say marketing people, who accept that the necessary of a company in terms of communication is formed of the items above and make them without regarding other elements. In other words, they build form without fund.

Melody School team, guided by inspiration and beautiful, has chosen to redefine the brand identity. Now we are working together to position this school and we are in full process of creating an identity.

This music school is different by approach and team. The people here are young people who for more than 20 years “charge” themselves with music, become free through music, smile through music and feed themselves on it. At the same time, they are rigorous, they have studied much, practiced a lot and know deep into their souls that music is a strict art, a mathematics of vibration. Writing these lines I remember Master Celibidache and his permanent struggle to make his students understand that music is an exact art and that nothing is random.

The story is a beautiful one and, like in all cases where there are “beautiful people”, is very large.

We have defined Melody – School of music identity starting from the idea of freedom that music brings along. Freedom means joy, emotion and creativity.

Brand essence – music is about freedom 

Brand promise  it gives you back your freedom and then you smile, every time

Melody – school of music – is that place where you go everyday to smile, to feel free. It is that place where you give and receive emotion, where this trade is free and unhindered. Melody – school of music is the place where you can regain your freedom and this works each and every time.