Nuts - branding and packaging design project, toud

Nuci – branding project and packaging design

The “Nuci” project is a creative exercise in the sense that in 48 hours we set out to solve a business problem with a design solution.

It all started from a request we received from a potential client regarding our ability to get involved in a project in which we should have built the brand identity and communication (including packaging) for a business that develops nut-based products. Basically, there is a large resource of walnuts and the need to do something with them, which involves the creation of value.

It seemed to us a very simple and very generous exercise to be creative.

After an internal brainstorming, we came to the conclusion that it would be ideal to build a snack from these nuts, nicely packaged, that can be served anytime, anyway. We knew that an ingenious combination between walnuts and another product would have been much more attractive to the public, but now was not the time, the brief did not allow us to leave the sphere – walnuts.

We also explored other areas – nuts for confectioners, nuts for food producers, nuts for cooking, but we decided to go with the idea of nuts for the general public, in a package that makes you discover what’s inside.

From here everything went very well within this branding project, we created the logo, chose the right colors, and created the packaging. These steps were done according to the specific processes (that we developed at Toud) with the difference that everything was compressed in terms of time, to be able to have a result in 48 hours.

This branding project was a creative sprint that helped us not only test our processes, but also see how well they work under time pressure, a project that allowed us to search for solutions and ideas, without barriers for a clearly defined problem.

Nuts - branding and packaging design project, toud