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How do you imagine a presentation site that promotes and sells the comfort brought by smart sockets? This is what UpPlug is about and even more than that: it is about the young people who take Romania higher and further.

We, at Toud, believe a lot in young people with an entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why we took on the challenge of building the UpPlug website.

Toud’s goal was to highlight the benefits brought by the UpPlug socket. We have identified a series of problems that it solves and presented them through images.

The UpPlug website also has an online store where you can order and pay online for smart plugs.

We built an “airy” design, we chose a dominant color, we thought about navigation flows and conversion elements, and we created many collages. Although it is a relatively small site, today, November 24, 2016, it has exactly 250 uploaded photos.

  • Tools used: WordPress, HTML, CSS, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, WooCommerce
  • Photo: UpPlug, photo stock, Toud collages
  • Official page – UpPlug
  • Newsletter – UpPlug Newsletter 

And don’t forget, smart sockets are something useful, especially if you are lazy or forgetful, but you can see more on UpPlug.ro.

We would appreciate the feedback! Thank you!

Team Toud

UpPlug website creation
upplug, white plug
upplug, tlightbulb in darkness
upplug, two cell phones with upplug logo on screen
upplug, white plug with legend
cell phone with upplug logo on screen

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