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Qriser – about how we “grow”

We all want a better world, a better life and, most of us, a better Romania. There isn’t a recipe to make this wish come true, but there is something that could unlock things – educations, le’s call it continuous education.

This is Qriser, a movement, a community that advocates for continuous education. Qriser is the promise – to simply meet every need for learning. Qriser is a Romanian brand that was created in 2019 and which aims to spread the joy of learning.

More specifically, Qriser is:

  1. a digital platform where you can already find learning programs in more than 20 areas of interest;
  2. a community of trainers and people eager to learn (more than 70 training houses, over 30 000 people interested in Qriser programs);
  3. a number of events on learning topics organized in Bucharest, along with Mindspace, under the name of Learning Bites;
  4. a social movement meant to “democratize” the training amongst NGOsTBW (training for a better world).

Toud teamed up with Qriser founding members to make the identity of this brand. Qrisers is about continuous learning, but a measurable one, able to produce impact, to bring change. The name Q(quotient)riser highlights precisely this pragmatic aspect. The values on which the brand is based are shared values of the founders, meant to be the basis for a strong vision – that of rising the learning joy.

For Toud, Qriser experience was unique because, on the one hand, we worked with a team of professionals with a lot of business and marketing experience, and, on the other hand, because we strongly reasoned with this idea of making the world better, more productive, through continuous learning.

The visual identity is built around the ideas of growth and human element. Qriser is about people and about their growth through learning. The logo is represented by Q (inscribed in an irregular shape that suggests growth).

In the communication elements, we often used a geometric shape derived from the logo, drawn (in irregular shape) to highlight that element of “human touch”. We also tried to keep in all the communication elements the ideas of joy of learning, human touch, quotient riser.

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