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Packaging design

Nowadays, more than ever it is important to differentiate your product/service from the others on the market. For a wide range of industries the packaging is an active part in the process of differentiation.

Importance – packaging design

Packaging matters

Packaging design has more than one role. The most important one is to sell. The packaging convinces the customer from hundreds or thousands of products on the shelf, a “different” packaging can sell. It positions the product within a range. Depending on the conveyed messages, graphic design, materials used, the way it opens, a packaging will tell you plain and simple if the product is part of the economy or luxury range. The packaging tells a story or at least it should. A good design will tell the story of the brand, will try to generate emotion and will try to inspire. Strong brands pay a lot of attention to packaging in order to strengthen their position on the market. Think about Apple packaging, Coca-Cola bottle or Guinness can that offer the customer the possibility to be part of a ritual. All of them have become landmarks on their markets. All of them are easy to recognize and all of them have the functions described above.

The packaging differentiates the product. It is the perfect tool to draw attention in a constructive way.

Quality – packaging design

How do we evaluate the quality of a packaging design? Toud proposes a series of elements that must be taken into consideration when it comes to packaging design. This process must be based on the study of the market and the elements that define the brand.  

  • Correlation with the brand – the packaging must be a reflection of the brand, it must communicate the same values and contribute at making the same story.
  • Relevance on the market – packaging design must be made for the potential customer, it must be relevant, easy to understand and to correlate with the market to which it belongs. An exaggerated design or one that is specific to another market would be inappropriate.
  • To tell a story – a packaging design is successful when it tells a story. Think again at Apple, Coca-Cola or even at the packaging created for The Light Phone.
  • Visible among other packings – a successful design will make the product visible on the shelf. It isn’t necessary to have a totally different design or an extravagant one, you can stand out by simplicity.
  • Simple – a simple and easy design will be easier to understand by the customer, it will stand out by elegance compared to others.
  • Correlated to visual identity – there must be a balance between the logo, brand colors, graphic motifs specific to the brand and packaging – otherwise there will be a lack of coherence in design and in messages.
  • Protection – a good packaging will ensure the suitable protection for a product, the designer must think about the right shape and right materials in order to ensure protection.
  • Focus – the packaging will communicate an essential idea, that USP (unique selling proposition) – that way the message will be easily perceived by the potential customer.
  • Generates emotion – it is ideal that a packaging to be able to generate emotion, when the comparison is made it will be easier, and so is the retention – the best example is the Coca-Cola bottle.
  • Age test – a good packaging will also be up to date 5 years from now.
  • Recognizable elements – in most of the cases when the packaging gives emotion, the packaging design becomes a symbol, a recognizable element – a very good example is the Coca-Cola bottle.
  • Low production costs – a good packaging comes with an optimized, low production cost.
  • Protecting the environment – nowadays, more than ever, we need non-polluting packaging. The products from FMCG (fast-moving customer goods) area must have non-polluting packaging. Still water bottles can be real ecological bombs if they are not biodegradable.
  • Easy to handle – packaging is not just a protection for the product, but it is as well the first object with which the customer interacts. It has to be easy to grab, to transport, to open and to store.

How it is done – packaging design

What are the steps we follow at Toud

Toud uses a procedure in order to obtain as many quality elements, presented above. This process begins with customer briefing. During the second stage, Toud makes a research on the product market, about the competing manufacturers and the design they rely on. In this stage we make a product, brand and differentiation elements analysis. In step 3 we make the first sketches. Then is step 4 we resume the communication and get feedback. During this stage we adjust the sketches and try to achieve as many quality points presented above. In stage 5 we organize together with the customer a number of focus groups in which we present the packaging. They are meant to get feedback from the targeted people. In stage 6 we retouch the packaging and send it to be printed.

How long it takes – packaging design

Toud packaging design

Packaging design is a comprehensive process. It generally takes 3 to 8 weeks depending on the project complexity. If we design and produce packaging for a range of products, it may take up to 20 weeks.

How much it is – packaging design

Toud procedure

The cost is calculated based on the estimated working time. The agency price for packaging design is 45 euros/hour. In order to obtain a price, fill in the quotation form, we promise to answer in the shortest time.


Some packaging design sketches made lately.