Sonore – music is magic

Being at the beginning, with a team of passionate teachers, Sonore School brings a new breath on the music schools market in Romania. For the passionate young people who form Sonore team, we have created a strategy, a visual identity and a website. We wanted to make something that differentiates them on the market and brings them closer to their future students.


On the Bucharest market there are many music schools, so it was necessary to make a correct positioning for Sonore School. We chose to highlight the strengths to anchor the brand on the market. So, we built around the idea of teachers’ international experience, the idea of community, the idea of freedom through music.

Bright colors

We chose to use for the website, bright colors able to show dynamism and authenticity. We created cheerful pages that inspire friendship and a young spirit. Music is about the emotion it transmits, about the friendships that bind through it, about harmony and balance. That is what we tried to have when we made Sonore School website – balance and harmony.

Representative images

In order to build a strong image and to keep a balance between visual and text, we chose to use representative images. Because the target of the music school is represented by its future students, we avoided using too many abstract photos so we highlighted the people behind Sonore. We focused on presenting the teachers and on the human part of the music classes. We also chose to value the idea of team, of community, of friendship.

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