The Open Door

The biggest event we got involved in during 2017

In September, in Bucharest, took place The Open Door event, an event that managed to bring a new and brave breath in the world of Romanian architecture and building. Big ideas from Europe, but also from across the ocean came to life here, in Bucharest.

This is the promise that the organizers made a little bit before the event: The Open Door, the event organized by Siatec and Agta Record  at Bucharest (Galeriile Galateca), on 21st of September is not just and architecture and building event, but it is also an event about courage, about freedom to create, to build, about beauty and our life, of those who live in the city, because as it was said before, architecture projects spaces for people. 

And it was exactly like that because people didn’t speak only about the most spectacular projects of the present (like Apple Campus), but professionals who design and build spaces of tomorrow have interacted in a frame of courage and different approaches.

Toud was involved in all the aspects of this event, from concept to organization and even the making of The Open Door Book. It was a good team work and the results were very good.

The Open Door Book

For us, an important element was The Open Door Book that had to express perfectly the concept of this event. We started from the idea of making a book about change, where we wanted to include all the Record works in Romania, made with the support of Siatec importer (division of Aluterm Group).

We relied on a minimalist, symbolic design and a simple, yet suggestive page.

Down below you can see some images of The Open Door Book and you can also download it.

Photos from the event – the whole collection on official page of Record in Romania (Photos – Record Romania).

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