De ce am ales sa devenim partener HubSpot si cum ii ajuta acest parteneriat pe clientii Toud

Why we chose to become a HubSpot partner and how this partnership helps Toud customers

A small step for us, a big one for the organizations we work for

We have been using HubSpot for a very long time, we would even say forever (we have been in this formula – Toud – since 2016). Toud became a HubSpot partner in June 2022.

We are a branding and design agency, and we mainly do activities related to these two spheres. However, for some of our clients in Romania, we operate as a full-service digital agency, with complete skills and a dedicated team: SEO, PPC, content generation, management of social media accounts, etc. We do this for h4l, EXEC-EDU, Conacul Bratescu, Pastel Chalet, Questfield, etc.

Being a HubSpot partner helps us enormously to offer added value to this type of customer because we effectively manage to generate more leads at lower costs, but also to build a better relationship between clients, potential clients, and the organization.

Why we became a HubSpot Partner

For us, the step towards becoming a HubSpot partner was a relatively small one, especially because we had already been working with this CRM for many years, because we already had a lot of experience in managing another CRM type software (Microsoft Dynamics CRM), because we had already absorbed the information about inbound marketing from the HubSpot academy and because we had already implemented HubSpot in several organizations in the basic version. For Toud customers, it is a big step for a number of reasons:

  1. they have access to the best CRM software on the market, quickly and without going through the process of validating another agency;
  2. they benefit from the experience of a team that manages annual promotion budgets of over 1 million euros and correctly and fully measures the results through HubSpot;
  3. they can work with a design branding agency that manages to combine the aspirational, emotional sphere (we help you tell your story) with the pragmatism of conversions, statistics behind newsletters, SEO strategy, campaign budget optimization, or fraud management click (we are also Lunio partners).

In the sphere of branding and design, this tool has no direct impact.

10 key elements for a HubSpot Partner

We sought to understand the impact that HubSpot brings to companies and made a list of the 10 most common elements appreciated by our clients regarding HubSpot:

  1. All-in-one platform: HubSpot offers a suite of integrated tools for marketing, sales, and customer service, so companies can manage all aspects of their customer interactions in one place.
  2. Marketing automation: HubSpot allows companies to automate their marketing campaigns and lead nurturing, which can save time and increase efficiency.
  3. CRM: HubSpot’s CRM allows companies to keep track of all their customer interactions, from website visits to sales calls, and provides insights to help improve the customer experience.
  4. Personalization: HubSpot’s tools allow companies to create personalized experiences for their customers based on their interests, behaviors, and history.
  5. Analytics and reporting: HubSpot provides detailed analytics and reporting tools to help companies track their marketing and sales performance and make data-driven decisions.
  6. Management of PPC campaigns on Facebook and Google – you have information about all campaigns, including audiences and results, in one place.
  7. Social media management: HubSpot’s social media tools allow companies to manage their social media accounts, publish and schedule posts, and track engagement.
  8. Search engine optimization: HubSpot provides tools to help companies optimize their website and content for search engines, which can improve their visibility and attract more organic traffic.
  9. Integration and customization: HubSpot integrates with many other tools and platforms, and offers customization options to help companies tailor the platform to their specific needs.
  10. Visibility and efficiency – the marketing department saves time and resources by having visibility over all marketing processes, results, and expenses.

Although HubSpot is not a tool, a system with an impact in the field of branding and design, effectively, the pragmatic approach and oriented towards the good of the end customer, which it has (actually including here the concept of inbound marketing) made us love this system and to seek to recommend it to all our customers, always.

HubSpot also exists in a free version and even brings a huge positive impact in this version as well, even if access to a number of elements is not available.