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WordPress 5.0 “Bebo”

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Throughout time, WordPress has made multiple updates, many of them being minor ones. All were meant to improve performance and optimize the platform for a better user experience. On 6th of December 2018 WordPress launched the long awaited update 5.0 or Bebo, named after the famous piano player Bebo Valdes. It is an update that comes with major changes in terms of functionality and flexibility.

We describe below the major updates that WordPress 5.0 comes with.

The new Gutenberg – block-based editor

Perhaps the most important change that WordPress 5.0 “Bebo” brings is Gutenberg editor, the block-based editor which is designed to facilitate content creation. Actually, Gutenberg was launched since 4.0 generation versions, but 5.0 version comes with a number of new capabilities. If so far the content could be added in big blocks or put in the page as a single block, now things are different. There was created a block for each type of content. In this way reorganizing the content into the page is made easier by simply moving the blocks around. If version 4.9 came with a single editor, with buttons placed at the top of the page, now each block has its own edit buttons, specific to the type of content it contains.

Another feature of Gutenberg is that besides the default blocks, each user can design his own custom blocks to facilitate the process of content creation by allowing the designer to focus more on the content itself.


Dynamic content – faster changes

Also, WordPress 5.0 update allows using the same blocks on several pages as well as editing them from the same place. They are called reusable blocks. Thus, you can set different templates with predefined layouts composed by individual blocks. In this case, Gutenberg editor makes that every change that takes place in a block to trigger an automatic content update wherever that block is located in the website, while maintaining a consistent aspect of the website. To avoid an accidental change in the code and implicitly modifications in content, WordPress has ensured that the structure of the content cannot be easily altered. So the individual blocks became a comfortable way for users to change easily and directly the content.


API (Application Programming Interface)

Matt Mullenweg, WordPress creator, believes that the most important update that Gutenberg brings is to improve the copy/paste function. Now it’s much easier to copy content from different media and then paste it without being altered by preformatting. Copying URL links is now much faster as the steps you had to do until now can be skipped. WordPress 5.0 allows the direct copy of the URL links without having to copy the link in the clipboard, highlight the text, create the link, paste the URL and activate it.

The Classic Editor is still available

For those who aren’t convinced that WordPress 5.0 update is fully suited to their needs or still have to learn more about it, they can go back to Classic Editor. It will work in parallel with the new editor until 2021. This plugin restores the previous WordPress editor and the Edit Post screen.

Is it OK to make the WordPress 5.0 update?

We believe that it is OK, but not yet. It’s OK to switch to the new editor so your platform can keep up with the new development. It’s OK to make the change in terms of security (it’s rumored that security updates will be made both for 5.0 and the previous version). More than that, it’s OK, because you can benefit from the new tools described above.

When should I activate the WordPress 5.0 update?

Before making the update, make sure that the theme and plugins you use are compatible with WordPress 5.0. Many developers work for several months to make the compatibility available for as many themes and plugins as possible. But some of them still are not compatible with the new update, thus existing the risk of messing up the whole system. A number of themes and plugins require the deactivation of the new editor – Gutenberg and activation of the Classic Editor. You must know that this switch is relatively simple. You can make it by using a plugin offered by WordPress –  https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/.

Our recommendation is that after you check the compatibility, should wait for a few weeks, a month, to be sure that the bug fix period both for the platform and themes and plugins is over.

Let’s enjoy this WordPress 5.0 update and aim to offer more enjoyable experiences to the visitors who reach the websites build in WordPress platform.

PS Today, 4th of January, version 5.0.2 is already available.

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