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26 ages about branding

How important is branding to your organization?

The Toud branding guide will explain what branding is, why it’s important and show you how to build a brand strategy.

This document will help you if:

  1. You are looking for some basic information about branding
  2. You want to build or strengthen your organization’s brand

This document will not help you if:

  • You want to deepen the notions of branding. For this objective, we can help you with a series of book titles that we recommend. Write to us, and we are happy to share your thoughts on this topic.

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Some additional explanations about – Toud branding guide

There is a lot to say about branding, a lot. Depending on your level of knowledge and experience, this branding guide can be useful.

Toud branding guide – for advanced users

If you already have knowledge about this subject, the branding guide can only help you structure the information. We are happy to be with you and challenge you to communicate in writing or on the phone to discuss this topic and to exchange books and materials about branding.

Toud branding guide – for people in companies

We are thinking about people who have more empirical knowledge and less theoretical knowledge. The guide is an ideal tool, able to point out important elements, suggest a chronology of the steps of creation, consolidation of a brand, and above all establish the bases for deepening the subject.

Toud branding guide – for people at the beginning of the journey

If you know too little about branding and wonder how it is possible that such a large number of the planet’s population knows names like Apple or Coca-Cola, download the guide above, it will be the first step towards understanding this phenomenon. You will certainly not answer all your questions after reading it, but you will take a big and safe step toward this universe.

We believe that time is a very important resource in the lives of each of us, that’s why we wanted to explain even more clearly the usefulness of this – branding guide – to be clear what it is and what it is not. Thank you for reading and for downloading!

Team Toud

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