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How to set the Facebook page strategy

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According to brandwatch.com statistics, there are more than 60 million active business pages globally. Only 5 million of these businesses also invest financially for promotion. This means that the remaining 55 million invest, for the most part, in content. But what is content without a strategy when it comes to Facebook?

About content and strategy

Or, better said, what exactly helps a page to grow

Yes, content is extremely valuable when it comes to engagement (interaction on the page), but also reach/awareness. He connects with the public, urges, convinces. But how do you choose the right content? And here we are not referring to the message or images, but to the type of content and the way it is supported.

It’s simple – everything starts with a strategy.

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Facebook page strategy – some essential steps

Any strategy must be based on correctly defined objectives. These are established depending on the complexity of your business, the size of the organization, and the reason why you chose Facebook as a communication channel for the services/products you offer.

You can already take a sheet of paper and a pen, draw a pyramid and start putting, at its base, the big goals that the organization has in the next 5, 7, 10 years. If you have not established them, try to do an exercise in this sense – it is useful not only when it comes to Facebook, but in any context when coordinating a business.

At the next level, you put the big objectives, broken into smaller periods – for example, in the first 2 years until the achievement of the big objective over 5 years. Go ahead and see what goal you have for the next year. From here it is time to make the transfer to Social Media: How will this channel help you reach the goal for the next year, what % do you propose to grow through this platform? After you have established these aspects, you can say that you have set the objective/objectives for the following year regarding the usefulness of the Facebook platform in the growth of your organization.

Transform the objective into a tangible one

It is nothing, however, if it is not surrounded by some well-defined tactics to help it become a reality. So, after you have determined how you will achieve those objectives, that is, the strategy by which you reach them, the lever, it is time to get down to business and put on paper all the tactics, and methods by which you will implement the strategy. After you have the list, you prioritize them according to relevance, budget, and, above all, having the big goal in mind, throughout the year.

All you have to do is to put all these tactics nicely in a calendar, set deadlines and responsibilities, and get to work. 🙂

But this is not all…

You are probably wondering – well, if I do all the work, then what is the role of the agency in this whole process? The agency is, in this case, the puzzle piece without which the picture would not be complete. In addition to objectives, strategy, tactics, and calendar, for a Facebook page to work, it needs an analysis of the target and potential target, an analysis of the competition, the type of content that performs, and the interaction on the page. All this will ultimately lead to the establishment of communication pillars and the brand voice that will make the interaction on the page live and will set the strategy in motion, along with the rest of the elements.

These communication pillars will follow certain types of targeting and will outline the communication plans (the actual content on the page, posts, events, etc.) depending on the planning and coordinates of your business. Moreover, based on the analysis and these elements, the strategy will be finalized, laying the foundations of the promotion plan to achieve these objectives.

Only when you can clearly define all these elements, you can say that yes, you have an online content strategy and that it will bring results. Because they will be, in this context, extremely measurable.

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Article by – Diana