How to set a Facebook page strategy

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Accordingly to, there are 60 million active business pages. Only 5 millions of these businesses invest money for promotion. That means that the other 55 millions invest, mostly, in content. But what is content without strategy when it comes to Facebook?

About content and strategy

Or better said, what helps the page to grow

Yes, the content is extremely valuable when it comes to engagement (interaction on the page), but also to reach/awareness. It makes the connection with the audience, it convinces. But how do you choose the right content? And we don’t mean the message or images, but the type of content and how it is supported.

It’s simple – it all starts with a strategy.

Facebook page strategy – a few essential steps

Any strategy must be based on objectives that are correctly defined. They are established depending on your business complexity, dimension and reason why you chose Facebook as communication channel for the products/services you offer.

You can already take a pen and paper, draw a pyramid and put at its base the main objectives that your organization has for the next 5, 7, 10 years. If you haven’t set them yet, try to make an exercise – it is useful not only when it comes to Facebook, but in any context when you coordinate a business.

For the next level put the main objectives divided into small periods of time. For example, what is the smaller objective for the next 2 out of 5 years (for a main objective). Move on and see what is the objective for the next year. Now it’s time to make the transfer to Social Media: How will this channel help you reach the objective for the next year, in which percentage you propose to grow through this  platform? After you had established these aspects, you can say that you have set the objective/s for the next year in what concerns the utility of Facebook platform in growing your organization.

Turn the objective into a tangible one

It means nothing if it is not surrounded by some well defined tactics that will help it become reality. So, after you had established how you will reach those objectives, the strategy, the lever, it is time to start working and write down all the tactics, ways in which you will implement the strategy. When you have the list, prioritize them depending on relevance, budget and, especially, by keeping in mind the main objective for the whole year.

All you have to do now is to put all these tactics in a calendar, to set deadlines and those responsible for them and begin the work. 🙂

But that’s not all…

You probably wonder – well, if I do all the work, what is the agency role in this process? The agency is in this case the puzzle piece without which the picture would be incomplete. Besides objectives, strategy, tactics, calendar, a Facebook page needs an analysis on target and potential target, an analysis on competition, the type of content that performs and the interaction with the page to work. All these will ultimately lead to establishing communication pillars and brand voice that will make the interaction with the page alive and will put in motion the strategy and the rest of the elements.     

These communication pillars will follow certain types of targeting and outline the communication plans (actual page content, posts, events etc.) depending on your business planning and coordinates. Moreover, based on the analysis and these elements, the strategy will be completed thus setting the bases of the promotion plan in achieving the objectives.

Only when you are able to define all these elements, you can say that you have a content strategy in online and it will bring results as well. And that because they will be measurable in this context.

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