• A different marketing
    and design agency

    Why are we different?!

Toud is a marketing and design agency, in Romania,
with a different approach, with an award winning team, results oriented and obsessed for things flawlessly done.

Why us?

Why choose Toud?

  • Be dedicated, work hard and believe in perfection – this is the belief with which we start your project;
  • We put passion in what we do, we dedicate ourselves and try to get the best out of your project;
  • We understand that our success depends on how you will cherish working with us;
  • We are a young, awarded team;
  • We have a large number of projects in our portfolio, valued by us and our collaborators;
  • We focus on constant communication and transparency, we intervene, we help and respond promptly to your needs;
  • We believe that our work represents us and, therefore, we treat it responsibly and with full respect.

Our vision and values

Toud vision

What we believe in

Marketing is more complex today than ever. Still, the client / product (service) relationship was simplified. Today, what really matters is  the story behind the product (service). In order to perform, a company, an NGO, a public institution or any organization needs a story to gain confidence and to inspire the consumer.

We create stories in a responsible way,  we believe in their usefulness and benefits that they bring to the consumer. Beyond the global fight for profit, that we consider negative for global state, we consider all marketing mechanisms as useful for the consumer life. These mechanisms help him/her choose, simplify his/her access to information and offer him/her solutions for a range of needs or problems.



Toud Values

We believe that being really involved and dedicated is the only way you can create something memorable, something that has the power to inspire all along. Our team is represented by people who study a lot, who work hard, who have ideas and the freedom to seek solutions and see further, passionate people who enjoy their work and achievements. We believe that when you are fully dedicated, your work will bring you joy and lasting fulfillment.


Toud Values

We believe in the idea of ​​being right, of telling the truth and of building fair and loyal. We always choose responsibly our customers and employees and when we work together, we think of their customers as being our customers: we respect them and apply the principle of honesty.


Toud Values

Only a free spirit can build something different, something fresh. Toud team believes in this value and its power to bring innovation and solutions to the consumers.

Toud Team



Copy-writing and English translations

I am the English teacher from the agency. I’ve graduated University of Bucharest. I have a native power to simplify things and to express ideas clearly and concisely. At TOUD I am responsible with the translations and the creative texts.




I‘m Dooeol from New York. Having a large brand and interaction design experiences, I‘ve worked for clients like Guardian, Vogue, Bloomberg and more. I’m an Advisory Member for TOUD providing insights, resource and ideas to the team.



Social media, advertising and PR campaigns

For me, communication is an ongoing education process of the customer. In over five years of PR , marketing and creation, I have coordinated over 70 campaigns and events and I have contributed to an exponential growth in Social Media.



Web development

I am the "codes responsible" or the one who developes the area code for websites. We have developed an optimal design that offer both design and web development at a higher level, managing to keep deadlines.



Strategy and design

I am studying and developing activities in the marketing field for 10 years already. I have been involved in a number of national and international projects. I want to bring a change through everything I do. At TOUD I am responsible with the strategy and design.

Arabella McIntyre - Brown

Arabella McIntyre - Brown

Partner - Fiction Workshop

Journalist, editor, author originally from Liverpool, passionate about Romania, Arabella is our active partner for the fiction writing workshop. At Toud, Arabella is our consultant in creativity and inspiration.




We expand our team

At Toud we value the idea of a shared vision and extensive network of partners. We believe in the positive side of globalization and try to build relationships with people and businesses from all around the world. More details soon!

Tell us more about your projects and ideas!

Creating for you, step by step!

We consider that our acts and results talk by themselves about us. Our portfolio is visible in the services area. In addition, you’ll see how genuine are the words above in a face to face meeting. If you plan a project that fits with our expertise let’s meet and see how we can build together!

Toud Marketing and Design S.R.L is a Romanian company registered at the Trade Register under no . J3 / 95/2016 with CIF / CUI: 3544593. Creating for you, step by step! 


We believe in a triple win strategy: brands will win, clients will win and their communities will win too. We believe in responsible consumption and we don’t agree with the idea of making commerce with the single aim of making profit. We believe in local economies and in sustainable development!