Online UI design for a distributor of sanitation products


UI website – desktop version

About the organization and audience

Bioppe is a company that addresses the current problems caused by the new coronavirus and aims to minimize the impact that the pandemic has on companies. Social distance and a safe work environment are supported by professional products and services that help organizations return to a normal way of working in this context.

Industry – health and safety

Country – USA

About the change – customer

The client wanted a simple, attractive, modern website that would highlight the solutions that the company brings to organizations affected by the pandemic.

About the change – TOUD

For this online UI design project, we came up with two main page proposals, both based on Bioppe’s mission to support the organizations affected by the new coronavirus with professional sanitation and safety solutions. For this online UI design, we had a simple, modern approach, where the generous white space highlighted the strengths. For one of the proposals, we chose a minimalist, clean design, while for the other we used several colored blocks.


UI design for home page – desktop version – brief provided by the customer

TOUD solution

After several rounds of design, we got to the proposals below.

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