Tell a story for Christmas

Cards that speak about your brand

Today, more than ever, it is important to tell a story. The brands that have a story and that pass it on at every opportunity are the ones that succeed. The story is the element that inspires, builds trust, differentiates the brand from the competition, and builds that feeling of belonging to a group or a set of values.

Today, if a brand doesn’t tell a story, it won’t be listened to, it’s like a package that doesn’t house anything inside.

Christmas cards are a good opportunity to tell the story of your brand. Most likely, this year too, most companies (yes, your competitors too) will send some standard, stock greetings. However, this time of the year becomes a huge opportunity to differentiate the brand image, communicate differently, tell a story, and highlight the brand’s values.

Felicitari de Craciun care spun o poveste, Merry Christmas

In 2015, we created a different project for AGi Architects, a greeting card that tells a story and that comes out of the box.

  • we used the logo and by multiplying it we created some decorative models
  • we built a universal graphic model – it resembles Romanian, Ukrainian, and even Nordic motifs
  • through this winter postcard, we managed to connect the AGI Architects brand with strong values – universality, globalization, construction, beauty, inspiration.

Greetings that tell a story, created from scratch, with a unique design, in correlation with your brand. Prices starting from 150 euros.

Foreign stock or Toud stock cards that tell a story. Without having a unique design, they can communicate a story about the brand, by correlating with it. Prices starting from 75 euros.

First steps for working together

We are happy to take part at your communication actions

We assure you that we treat your project with maximum attention and involvement. We believe in things done well, and we honestly feel that only such an approach can bring the service sector in Romania to the performance of those in Western Europe.

Write to us by filling out the form and we will take steps forward together. *Toud realizes the concept and design. Toud does not make prints. Toud can recommend printers upon request. The price includes – concept, layout, preparation for printing and for the online environment, adjustment for different formats.

The first step towards "the card with a story"

*Toud can help you send the cards to your customers in a professional way via email. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

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