Tell a story for Christmas

Christmas cards that speak about your brand

Christmas letter that tells a story

Today, more than ever, it is important to tell a story. The brands that have a story and that pass it on at every opportunity are the ones that succeed. The story is the element that inspires, builds trust, differentiates the brand from the competition, and builds that feeling of belonging to a group or a set of values.

Today, if a brand doesn’t tell a story, it won’t be listened to, it’s like a package that doesn’t house anything inside.

Christmas cards – a great opportunity to tell the story of your brand. Most likely, this year too, most companies (yes, your competitors too) will send some standard, stock greetings. However, this time of the year becomes a huge opportunity to differentiate the brand image, communicate differently, tell a story, and highlight the brand’s values.

Toud card

In 2015, we created a different project for AGi Architects, a greeting card that tells a story and that comes out of the box.

  • we used the logo and by multiplying it we created some decorative models
  • we built a universal graphic model – it resembles Romanian, Ukrainian, and even Nordic motifs
  • through this winter postcard, we managed to connect the AGI Architects brand with strong values – universality, globalization, construction, beauty, inspiration.
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