Digital marketing through educational eBooks

Our collaboration with Adfaber, the NGO that promotes the development of society and social change through technology, started in 2018 when Toud team made a website improvement project. Because Adfaber structure and activities have diversified a lot lately, Adfaber needed a new UI design for home page and important landing pages, like the one for donations. You can find more information on this subject in the dedicated article

Last year (2019), we started a different project with Adfaber – a digital marketing project. To generate leads we’ve chosen to create good quality content, in the form of eBooks. So in 2019, we created 2 eBooks on education topics: Lumea online a copilului tau (The online world of your child) and Tehnologia in educatie – Avantaje si aplicatii (Technology in education – Advantages and applications). The project lasted for several weeks and was carried out in several stages from writing the text to designing a layout in accordance with the branch of the brand for which we worked – Code School Cubs and Adfaber. 

The online world of your child

The first eBook we’ve created was The online world of your child. For this one we used suggestive images and numbers, as well as case studies to highlight the challenges that the children meet when they are online and how can parents prevent potential problems. 

We structured the eBook in 2 chapters – Risks and Solutions. We inserted graphics, maps, and symbols to create a dynamic layout. We used predominantly blue color and square geometric shapes, which are present in Code School Clubs logo. The alternate rhythm of the eBook is interrupted by randomly used colored pages. 

The first chapter of the eBook has percentages and boxes with tips, as well as a “Did you know…” area. In the second chapter the focus is on solutions dedicated to parents, but also on a case studies area, examples structured in a simple and flowing manner.

Technology in education – Advantages and applications

The second eBook is more complex, structured in 3 chapters and with wider information. By using big titles and colored lines, by keeping the background clean and inserting suggestive quotes, the design refers to the editorial language of a magazine to highlight the fresh and modern style of the eBook.

We used large fonts for titles to also ease the reader’s access to the desired information. Like that, the reader can easily reach a chapter without going through the others.

It was a project that we enjoyed a lot because we had the chance to create 2 educational eBooks that highlight the benefits of technology when used to bring positive changes in society. We also contributed to a small, small extent to the digital future of Romania.