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UI app design


UI app design – mobile version

About the organization and audience

The app would be the world’s time bank where people use time as a coin. The app allows users to post and join the experiences listed in their direct community as well as creating and joining general communities.

Industry – community and non-profit

Country – Mexico

About the design – customer

We want a modern, attractive, easy to use, and fun app where the user to navigate easily, create experiences, communities, and join groups.

About the design – TOUD

We created a simple, intuitive, clean UI app design in pastel colors, where the user can navigate easily without reaching too many screens to perform a task. First of all, we tried to create a functional UI app design, where the user can easily join communities or experiences and the posts are easy to make and follow. We tried not to bring too complex elements that would make navigation difficult, keeping everything as clear and simple. We let the user the freedom to create a profile and interact with the interface in a natural and cursive way.


UI app design or 5 screens – mobile version – brief provided by the customer

TOUD solution

After several rounds of design, we got to the proposal below.

app UI design, app design, UI design, design, project

About the marketing strategy of an APP

We can help you with how you can approach the marketing strategy of an app, write to us and let’s have a discussion. We also recommend this article from Design Rush – Mobile app marketing strategy.

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