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Hosting or where to host my website?

There is no perfect web hosting 🙁

Hosting – some ideas to get you started right

A lot has been written about hosting in recent years. There are a lot of opinions and they are of all kinds. And we, at TOUD, often receive this question from clients. This is the reason why we thought to write some ideas about hosting, about what we think about this subject.

  1. There is no recipe, depending on the specifics of your business or, better said, of your story, the website will be created, and the hosting should be chosen as well. An analysis is needed, and it is good to have it done by an expert, if you have patience and time you will be able to inform yourself, obviously, with the risk of not achieving the same performance.
  2. If you already have a website and the hosting is good, do not change it. If you just think that you will be able to have better hosting at a better price, then at least do some tests before changing.
  3. What matters in hosting?
    1. the speed of browsing the site in the area you are targeting – it depends on RAM memory, processor power, storage unit time (SSD is preferable);
    2. global navigation speed – it’s good to check how fast your website opens in other geographical areas – most of the time you will be interested in potential Internet users from other countries or other continents;
    3. global dimension – there is an increasingly strong trend to make platforms that offer quality content all over the world, in this case, you will have to look for a hosting package that ensures good browsing speeds all over the world (hosting in the cloud, integration with caching systems such as CloudFlare), etc.
    4. data security;
    5. compatibility with the platform on which the site will be built (for example, there are hosting companies that offer optimized hosting for WordPress or others for advanced eCommerce platforms);
    6. if you are at the beginning, look for an advanced cPanel with many options, it will help you a lot, for example, you will be able to install the WordPress platform directly with a few clicks;
    7. Dedicated IP – it is necessary if you want SSL (a secure transfer of data from and to the user). Dedicated IP does not directly help SEO.
    8. there is also the possibility of opting for the cloud or for dedicated servers, obviously, they are clearly superior, but the costs are reasonable.
  4. At TOUD, we always think of things in a scalable way, and we always try to foresee the global dimension as well. For most of TOUD’s clients, we recommend hosting that offers them good visibility from the outside as well, hosting that allows easy access to visitors hosted in another geographical area. For Romania, for sites that target exclusively Romanians from Romania (quite rare recently), we have 2 providers that we recommend. For all other cases, we suggest SiteGround. They are also the hosting providers for After a collaboration of many years, we declare ourselves satisfied.
  5. How did we choose?

For we needed a hosting that would offer us good operating speed for visitors from all over Europe. We tried to get a fair price and fast support. We also wanted modern facilities, integration with Cloudflare, the existence of integrated caching methods, SSD hosting, a modern cPanel with multiple functions. Also, it was extremely important to benefit from sufficient resources (RAM, processor).

Hosting is important, you will have to make sure that it fits your story and the site it will host. What is becoming essential today – user experience – is directly dependent on hosting. The better the browsing speed on the site, the better the experience the visitor will have. There is no perfect hosting service, there is only that hosting that fits the needs of your story and the website you will build.

For questions, we are always at your disposal – contact.