• Hosting or where to host my website?

    Read about what you should know when you look for the perfect hosting for your website!

Hosting or where to host my website?

There is no perfect website hosting 🙁

Hosting – some ideas for a good beginning

It has been written a lot about hosting in recent years. There are lots of opinions and of all kinds. We, at TOUD, often receive this question from customers. This is the reason why we decided to write a few ideas about hosting, about what we think in respect to this subject.

  1. There is no recipe, the website will be created and the hosting chosen depending to the specific of your business, or rather your story. It takes analysis, better made by an expert. If you are patient and have time you will be able to inform yourself, obviously risking not to achieve the same performance.
  2. If you already have a website and the hosting is good, don’t change it. Only if you believe you can have a better and cheaper one, then you should at least do some tests before making any changes.
  3. What matters when it comes to hosting?
    1. the browsing speed in the website in the targeted area – it depends on the RAM memory, CPU power, time for storage unit (preferable SSD)
    2. global browsing speed – it is well to check how fast your website opens in other geographical areas – most of the times you will be interested about potential Internet users from other countries or continents.
    3. global dimension – there is a strong trend to make platforms that offer quality content all over the world – in this case you should search a hosting package that offers you good browsing speed all over the world (cloud hosting, integration with catching systems like CloudFlare) etc.
    4. data security;
    5. compatibility with the platform on which the site will be built (for example, there are hosting companies that offer optimized hosting for WordPress or others for eCommerce advanced platforms);
    6. if you are at the beginning try to have an advanced Cpanel with many options, it will help you a lot, for example you will be able to directly install by few clicks the WordPress platform;
    7. dedicated IP – it is necessary if you want SSL (a secure data transfer from and towards the user). Dedicated IP doesn’t directly help with SEO.
    8. there is the possibility to choose cloud or dedicated servers, obviously they are superior, but the costs are to match.
  4. At TOUD we always think about things in a measurable manner and we always try to foresee the global dimension as well. For most of TOUD customers we recommend a hosting that offers good visibility and for the outside area hosting that allows an easy access to visitors hosted in other geographical areas. For Romania, for the websites that aim exclusively Romanians from Romania (pretty rare lately) we have 2 suppliers that we recommend. For all the other cases we suggest SiteGround. They are hosting suppliers for Toud.ro. After a several years collaboration, we declare ourselves satisfied.
  5. How did we choose?

For Toud.ro we needed a hosting that offers a good speed of operation for visitors all over Europe. We tried to get a fair price and fast support. We also wanted modern facilities, integration with CloudFlare, integrated ways of catching, hosting on SSD, a modern Cpanel with many functions. It also mattered a lot to benefit from enough resources (RAM, CPU).

Hosting is important. It will be necessary to make sure that it matches your story and the website it will host. What becomes essential today – user experience – depends directly to hosting. As fast the browsing speed is better in the website, the visitor experience will be better. There is no perfect hosting service, there is only that hosting that matches the necessities implied by your story and website you will build.

We are always available for questions – contact.

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