education branding – Early Childhood Romania

Educational platform

In 2016, we created the identity for ECR Romania (Early Childhood Romania) – an educational platform for specialists in the field and for parents.

About ECR

ECR wants to become the largest early education online platform and community in Romania that aims to raise awareness of the importance of early education in Romania. In the long term, the project wants to become a benchmark in terms of resources, learning and training for teachers, parents and educational institutions in Romania (kindergartens, nurseries, day care centers). The platform aims to gather resources, information, best practices in this field both from Romania and abroad and to offer valuable training to teachers who deal with the education of young children.

Toud involvment

Toud was involved in creating the brand identity. The elements that form the basis of this initiative are early education, professionalism, color, vibration, and authenticity.

Toud thought of a positioning based on the idea of trust. Also, we sought to highlight the idea of – early education – which would be visible from the first contact with the brand.

The project is under construction, a brand book, a styling guide, and a website will be created.