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How not to choose – branding services

In Romania, in the brand strategy area, people often look for this expression – brand services. We thought that it would be useful to write about how an organization should find partners when it comes to – branding services.

15 points that you should consider when looking for branding services

  1. There are no branding services – we, at Toud, don’t believe there are any – branding services, we believe that there exists a collaboration in the area of the activities that define or influence the brand of an organization. What does that mean? We believe that in branding there aren’t just services, but something more, a close collaboration in a mixed team, with a lot of empathy, involvement and the desire to generate transformation. So there isn’t something that you quantify and trade, it’s more than that, it’s the emotion and joy to get involved and these couldn’t be named branding services.
  2. If you can’t find a solution don’t take the option – we solve it inhouse. It just doesn’t work because you don’t have people prepared to do it and because you need a perspective from the outside.
  3. It doesn’t matter the price – beyond the price (either too small or too big) empathy and team experience matter more.
  4. The people that will work on your project are very important – you turn to a big company that operates in the area of brand consulting. Here you will get to work with a team. Make sure that there are experience and empathy there. In small companies, generally, there is only one team.
  5. If the talk gets rapidly to the logo, you aren’t in the right place. It shouldn’t be about that… you will talk about the logo, but much later.
  6. Branding services – can be many, actually, there should be a holistic approach… either way, make sure that you understand what you receive and what the agency assumes.
  7. Try to have a dialog in the bidding phase with al least 5 agencies (it will be hard to find that many in Romania :D), you will learn a lot from this activity and, especially, it will help you with point number 6.
  8. If the agency doesn’t have any connections with the outside (companies, universities, other agencies) be skeptical, it’s highly probable it doesn’t understand what branding is… it doesn’t necessarily mean that if it has the connection, it understands.
  9.  The difficult part is the implementation one, try since this stage to see how the agency will get involved in this process or how it prepares the implementation process. 
  10. There shouldn’t be – branding – services without research, without a deep connection with the people from the organization (on all hierarchical levels) and often with other parts of the audience (stakeholders).
  11. No one can make “magic” in branding there aren’t branding services that bring a rapid transformation and generate a positive impact over your business in a short term, there are only long and medium-term solutions that imply great effort and which if are well implemented, bring good results.
  12. Time will dilate when you start to “consume branding services” – the process is pretty complicated and, most of the time doesn’t stick to the plan; make sure since the beginning that you can control the timing.
  13. For the things to work you need the top-management to get involved, you need a lot of transparency from the organization and a lot of time… an agency must ask for these things since the bidding phase. It can’t make the organization work, actually, it won’t be able to make anything without the people from the organization.
  14. Before starting on this road, try to form at least two people from the organization in brand management. They will have an important role since the bidding process and, especially, in the implementation one.
  15. You must know why you are looking for – branding services – this may sound weird, but it’s important to be able to define your need and especially your expectations from a process connected to the organizational brand or product brand. 

All the points above speak about the organizational brand. When it comes to product brand the things are slightly different, the process is different and requires slightly different resources.

If we could give you a piece of an advice as a conclusion to all this process of finding a serious partner that offers – branding services, it would: try to speak to at least 5 agencies and choose by feeling and less by figures; the chemistry, empathy with the agency will be more important than anything else (obviously we start from the premise that there is experience and know-how in the case of the agency – the branding service provider).

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment section, on the chat or via email.

We are glad that you have read this material and we state again our promise – we help you tell your story.

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