Inbound Marketing

A straight way to capture leads

In a society where the buyer has a greater power than the seller, traditional marketing is no longer efficient. Once with the evolution of technology and internet, the selling process has changed a lot. The buyer has now the possibility to compare products and services, to access online data of a company and even to close deals using online tools. Under these circumstances, sellers must be all the time up to date with inbound marketing. Sometimes it is difficult to find classes that offer adequate certifications for online marketing and the necessary tools for a successful sale.

When you say inbound marketing you say HubSpot

HubSpot is a software platform for inbound marketing, a technique to attract leads through relevant content, SEO, social media, marketing and branding. HubSpot comes with solutions for marketing software, sales and services that are unified in a complex CRM solution (customer relationship management). The good part is that this CRM is free. Founded by two MIT graduates in 2004, HubSpot has grown into one of the best inbound marketing platforms.

In addition to the software that it offers to its customers, HubSpot also has a learning platform, HubSpot Academy. World leader in inbound marketing and sales education, it offers classes, projects and software training. Each lesson is held by certified teachers, whose purpose is to help people and companies to grow on the market in a different way.

Inbound marketing focuses on attracting leads through relevant content. It is much easier for buyers to find you online. Social media channels, blogs and search engines can help you grow your business by attracting leads. By creating relevant content that primarily addresses to customer needs, you rise the trust and credibility of your business.

Inbound marketing has a methodology based on four steps that must be followed in order to close successful deals.

Source: HubSpot

  1. Attract visitors – visitors must be attracted by your services or products either through blogs, social media channels or information about you visible in search engines. In order to close successful deals you have to make sure that you have a well-developed content strategy. Your future leads need to find you easily according to their requests.
  2. Convert – visitors must be converted into leads. This step can be achieved through forms, meetings (virtual or phone calls) or CRM (through centralized databases). In this stage the conversation with your leads starts to unfold. It is the moment to identify which are their needs and how you can help them by offering your services, products or solutions.
  3. Close – for the next step, that of converting leads into customers, you have at hand several tools that can help you. Email, CRM, customization of every conversation you have with the customer, care for the customer and prioritization are the most important aspects that you have to keep in mind when it comes to buyers.
  4. Delight – in the final phase, the customers get to be the promoters of your business leading to new visitors and leads. For that is is strongly recommended not to use tools like Call to Action buttons, but rather to keep a post selling communication with the customer. Hub service also offers the necessary tools to know about, connect with and help your customers.

HubSpot comes with solutions represented by specific tools for each step that you have to take in inbound marketing.

Toud can by your long term partner in inbound marketing strategy. In addition to implementing HubSpot solutions, Toud can make inbound marketing strategy and even generate relevant content for your leads.

Inbound marketing is a straight way to your customers, the way they can reach you faster. The best part of this technique is that the roles are reversed and the buyer comes to the seller. The classic push marketing is turning into pull marketing establishing a relationship with great win/win potential.

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