Weekend elope

Piatra Craiului

We run every day after ephemeral things, after pleasures taken in small portions or, sometimes, in overdoses. We rarely look to simple things, to that joy that lasts, the one that you receive without being asked about it, without doing anything for it, the one that you receive just because you exist. At Toud we try to ”elope” once in a while and fill our soul, mind and entire being with the joy of simple things, that joy that lasts.

In the first weekend at the beginning of November we climbed again in Piatra Craiului. It was beautiful. Nature was generous. We did not deserve such wonder. It is said that heaven is here, on earth. On that day we did not just feel it, but we saw it with our own eyes.

Stop running and look around in order to receive what is yours, what can feed your soul and heart.