A project of website wireframe design

For a recruiting company in Switzerland


UI website – desktop version

About the organization and

The customer was a recruiting company in Switzerland that helps candidates to find a job in the tech industry. The customer works both with startups and tech companies.  The target audience is represented by talented people who search for a job in the tech industry.

Website – not provided due to NDA

Industry – technology

Country – Switzerland

About the change – customer

The new website needs to be more a platform where the candidates can sign up and list their skills in technology, can communicate with other candidates, and can search for available jobs. We want a website inspired by coding that is animated, modern and funny.

About the change – TOUD

In this website wireframe design project we chose to go for simplicity. We kept everything as intuitive as possible, easy to use, clean, without images to load the platform. We chose to use as few colors as possible, one of the proposals is built on a dark theme, and the other on a lighter theme where we used only a block of color. We had in mind the end-user when we made this design. Because those who will use the platform are people working in the technological field, the design must meet their expectations and meet the need to quickly and easily find a job in the field.


UI design for several pages – desktop version – brief provided by the customer

TOUD solution

After several rounds of design, we got to the proposals below.

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