Propunere app interface, UI design, app design, design

An app interface proposal

For an application through which you manage your budget


UI app – mobile version

About organization and audience

The budget application is designed to be the simplest of its kind. The purpose of the application is to determine the general financial condition of a household and its evolution over time. The application does this by separating fixed and variable expenses.

Website – not provided due to NDA

Industry – internet

Country – Switzerland

About the design – client

We want a modern, simple, easy to use, and user-friendly design. The application will also be available for Android so the design must be easily adaptable.

About the design – TOUD

This was a challenging app interface design project. The customer already had a wireframe and an image of what the application should look like. What we did was to keep everything as simple as possible, so that the end-user can use this banking application as easily as possible. We chose a colorful and attractive app interface design that the user will love from the first use. We avoided creating too many buttons to keep everything as clean as possible and not to force the user to navigate many screens to find out the desired information.


UI app design for the main screen – mobile version – brief provided by the customer

TOUD solution

After several rounds of design, we got to the proposal below.

Propunere app interface, UI design, app design, design,
Propunere app interface, UI design, app design, design

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