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A user interface design project

For a niche footwear and apparel company


UI website – desktop version

About the organization and audience

The company is a renowned footwear and apparel producer who addresses those who love skateboarding. With a history behind it and a well-defined audience, the company needs a page to launch the new fall 2020 collection. The target audience is represented by young people from all over the world who practice skateboarding and who are looking for appropriate clothing and footwear.

Website – not provided due to NDA

Industry – sport

Country – USA

About the desing – customer

The customer wanted a redesign of the launch page of the new collection, something fresh and modern that would directly address the target audience.

About the design – TOUD

For this user interface design proposal we chose to keep a simple line. Inspired by the websites of the big footwear companies, the proposal for the launch page is based on strong images with young skateboarders. We highlighted the products and added a video that talks about the vision of the campaign. Also, in the blog area, we chose a modern display, which would attract the user and determine him to continue browsing the website.


UI design for a landing page – desktop version – brief provided by the customer

TOUD solution

After several rounds of design, we got to the proposal below.

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