Advertising - the easiest way to the consumer

Advertising or the simplest way to the consumer

The link between advertising and positioning

A correct positioning of the brand on the market has the consumer in the foreground. His perception must be influenced to the extent that he makes connections with your brand and retains these connections over time. The easiest way to get in touch with the consumer is through advertising.

In the market, advertising is found in all forms and exists in all environments. If before the Internet era, advertising was done only in the real environment, now the virtual environment has changed the game. The battle is not between products, but for the place they occupy in the mind of the consumer.

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Simple messages, but full of essence

The consumer is bombarded with information from all sides, and it is certain that it is increasingly difficult for him to retain such a volume of messages. In order to succeed in making a good positioning of the brand in the market, you must find exactly that message that will awaken in the consumer’s mind a relationship with your brand.

Well-made advertising, well-transmitted messages, which inspire the consumer or capture his attention, are the ones that will have a longer lifespan in people’s minds. In their book Positioning – The battle for your mind, Al Ries and Jack Trout give an eloquent example of such a situation. In a market study, 93% of the participants recognized Mr. Clean, the genie on the bottle of some cleaning products, although he had not appeared on TV for more than 10 years. Well-done advertising positions the brand in the mind of the consumer in a place where it can hardly be removed.

advertising, consumer, boards, resources, article

From focusing on the product to positioning – advertising is evolving

Until the end of the ’50s, the product was placed at the center of attention. Each product was “the best”, attention was focused on the characteristics of the product as a unitary whole. After this era, the image of the product was the one on which the entire advertising industry focused. Now, advertising revolves around positioning.

Perhaps the best example of wrong positioning due to lack of publicity is the story of Christopher Columbus, the discoverer of America. Amerigo Vespuci knew how to act so that the discovery was made public and thus won all the laurels. The major mistake that Christopher Columbus made then was that he did not send any message related to the discovery he had made. Basically, his positioning did not exist. In the case of such a “competition”, it mattered a lot what the first message sent was.

Nowadays, the consumer’s mind is oversaturated with advertising messages. Why would they choose to stop exactly on the product/service you offer? Because an advertising campaign with a strategy centered on positioning is much more important than a strategy centered on the product. It is not the product that matters so much as the unique characteristics it has compared to other similar products. Advertising helps you position the product before other similar products, even when the characteristics are not so unique. Everything depends on the advertising strategy done correctly and centered on the consumer.

advertising, consumer, boards, resources, article

A well-designed strategy is the key to success

In the age of technology, when the market has a huge variety of products and services that it offers to the consumer, it is no longer enough just to advertise. The era in which to bring something new to the market was in power, has passed. The target of advertising strategies is no longer innovation, but positioning in the mind of the consumer. It’s not the product you’re offering that matters, but the story behind it. You must be the first to enter the consumer’s mind and influence it in such a way that it resonates with your brand.

The advertising strategy must take into account not only the consumer. He is the center of the strategy, but the competition also has an important role. A good example is IBM. IBM did not invent the first computer, but they are the first to build a positioning of the computer in the mind of the consumer. The same happened in the case of Amerigo Vespuci.

Advertising is the shortest way to the consumer. Through it, information about your product/service is transmitted to potential customers. Advertising is the one with the help of which the brand is positioned in the market. Without advertising, there would be no famous brands, no easily recognizable images, no brand awareness.

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