Advertising or the simplest way to the consumer

The connection between advertising and positioning

A correct positioning of the brand on the market focuses on the consumer. His perception must be influenced to the extent that he links to your brand and keeps these links over time. The simplest way to get in touch with the consumer is through advertising.

On the market, advertising is found in all forms and exists in all media. If before the age of the internet, advertising was made only in the real world, now the virtual environment has changed the game. The battle is not about products, but about the place they get in the mind of the consumer.

Simple messages, but full of essence

The consumer is bombarded with information from all sides and it is certain that it became increasingly difficult for him to retain such a volume of messages. To manage do make a good brand positioning, you have to find exactly that message that awakens a relation with your brand in the mind of the consumer.

Well done advertising, well sent messages, that inspire the consumer or catches his attention are those with a longer life span in the mind of the consumer. In their book Positioning – The battle for your mind, Al Ries and Jack Trout give an eloquent example of such a situation. In a market survey, 93% of participants recognized Mr. Clean, the ginny on the bottle of some cleaning products, although it hadn’t been on TV for more than 10 years. Well done advertising positions the brand in the mind of the consumer on a place from where it can hardly be removed. 

From focusing on the product to positioning – advertising evolves

Until about the end of the ’50s, the product was in the center of public attention. Each product was “the best”, the focus was on the features of the product as a whole. After this era, the image of the product was the one on which the entire advertising industry was built. Now, advertising is gravitating around positioning.

Maybe the best example of wrong positioning due to the lack of advertising is the story of Christoper Columbus, the rightful discoverer of America. Amerigo Vespuci knew exactly how to act for his discovery to be made public and thus he got all the credits. The big mistake that Christoper Columbus did was that he didn’t send a message about the discovery he had made. In a “competition” like that really mattered which was the first message to be send.

Nowadays, the mind of the consumer is over-saturated with advertising messages. Why would he choose to stop exactly to the product/service you offer? Because an advertising campaign with a strategy based on positioning is more important than a strategy product based. Not the product matters so much, but its unique features that it has over other similar products. Advertising help you position your product before other similar products, even when its features aren’t so unique. It’s all about advertising strategy correctly done and centered on consumer.

A well done strategy is the key to success

In the technological era, when the market has a wide range of products and services for the consumer, it isn’t enough just to advertise. The age when it was important to deliver something new is gone. The target of advertising strategies is no longer innovation, but positioning in the mind of the consumer. You must be the first to get to the consumer and influence him to resonate with your brand.

The advertising strategy must consider not only the consumer. He is the center of the strategy, but competition also has an important role. A good example is that of IBM. IBM didn’t invent the first computer, but they are the first ones who built a positioning of the computer in the mind of the consumer. Exactly the same happened with Amerigo Vespuci.

Advertising is the shortest way to consumer. Through it the information about your product/service are sent towards the potential customers. Advertising is the one that builds the positioning of the brand on the market. Without advertising, there wouldn’t be renowned brands, images easy to recognize, there wouldn’t be a consciousness of brands.


Positioning – the battle for your mind, Al Ries, Jack Trout

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