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Intern Marketing

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In 2016 we made for Aluterm Group an internal portal (dedicated exclusively to its employees).

The purpose was to strengthen the team and to facilitate communication.

This intranet is based on the idea of allowing each employee to express himself freely about all his ideas and feelings. There is an area dedicated to articles on the very first page. These are divided into 2 broad categories: articles of Aluterm professional interest and articles about free time, passions and professional development. In these sections are gathered all the photos and videos made in joint displacements.

This platform includes a forum where are discussed certain topics related to intern issues or leisure.

A unique development was the “calendar of events”, that allows the displaying of internal training, of displacements and especially of holidays.

In order to increase the transparency of figures communication and to highlight valuable people from sales department, we made a page dedicated to the presentation of monthly and quarterly figures and to the highlight of the top in sales. It was also developed an internal system of rewarding those who achieve performance and we have even made internal banknotes that can be converted into real money.

The platform contains information about all the employees – this section is very useful because like that colleagues from all over the country get to know each other before national meetings or team-buildings. Here, are also introduced new colleagues.

The platform also includes an area dedicated to internal documentation, facilitates the access of any employee (new or old) to brochures, leave of absence sheets, awarding sheets, etc.

The platform is the place where every employee starts his day, leafing through new articles and other reported news. We will not tell all the secrets, but we can say that this platform works and that the objectives of facilitating the communication and strengthening the team have been completely achieved.

For this platform, we have created an identity that connects with the Aluterm Group commercial brand.

The platform is not opened to the general public, Aluterm Group’s official website can be accessed here.