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We begin this article by saying that we, the small Toud team, honestly believe in Romanian values, in our history and culture. But we also believe that Romania’s place is in Europe and that today, more than ever (or better said as much as in all these 100 years of Great Romania), we have to be close to the core of this community. We also believe that a nation can grow only if it is able to learn, to absorb elements of other cultures, keeping its identity, specific, direction and meaning. It’s like a human being. And we say that thinking at Master Celibidache or Brancusi himself. Fortunately, or unfortunately (thinking about the pressure exerted by the communist regime), the examples are many.

Institut Français

Today, in this shadow of political confusion, of disinformation made by mass media, of “fake-news”, we have a strong need to know, to interact with other cultures and to strengthen our ability of distinguish between evil and good, between oppression and freedom, between beautiful and ugly. In this period of darkness, Institut Français brings a glimpse of light in Romania. No, it’s not a beautiful story or a PR act. No!!! A team of more than 20 people (that’s how many we’ve counted) works everyday, from morning to night, to bring this light of Western Europe in Romania as well. You will probably say that it’s an intelligent work of French people to spread their culture. True, but we only have to gain from this initiative. All great nations do it, each whit its own means – think about the offensive of McDonalds, APPLE, IBM, ORACLE…. of American colossus. 

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How did Toud get involved?

For a few months we joined this endeavor of Institut Français as well. We started to collaborate on several projects and help in “bringing the light”. We were pleasantly impressed to discover a team not just very capable, but very hardworking as well. After few months of collaboration, we still don’t know what is their motivation, but it’s extremely powerful. Not only the emails sent after 9 p.m., or in the weekend show that, but the “impeccable” from their activities.  

Few projects made with Institut Français

Although the time was short, we managed to build together a number of projects.

Cinema Elvire Periodic Guide

This cinema, which has the name of a Romanian woman, a great actress who conquered both French and Romanian hearts – Elvira Popescu – opens its gates every day for film lovers. We have enthusiastically got involved in editing the leaflet containing the film program, as well as ISSUU brochure.

French Institute in Romania

Soirée France Alumni Roumanie

Visual for promoting the event – Soirée France Alumni Roumanie – from 28 November 2018. The event aimed to put in contact people who have studied in France and who have a professional career in Romania.  

More information

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MT180 – My thesis in 180 seconds

Toud created the visual part for the Romanian stage of this competition designed to share valuable information from PhD students to a wide audience. My thesis in 180 seconds allow the PhD students to present the subject of their research, in French, in simple terms, to a wide and divers audience. Each student must offer in 3 minutes a clear, concise and convincing presentation of their research project. All with a single slide support!

In 2018, Romania got the third place in this well known international competition through the performance of Mr. Veronica HAGI, “Ovidius” University from Constanta (Romania): “Linguistic biography, a plurivalent pedagogic instrument”

More information

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Brancusi PHC

Brancusi is Hubert Curien Franco-Romanian (PHC) partnership. It is implemented in France by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, Research and Innovation and in Romania by the Ministry of Research and Innovation. The objective of this program is to develop the scientific and technological exchange between the research labs in the two countries through promoting a new collaboration and participation of young researchers. 

More information

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The story goes on

We are already working on several projects for 2019. We will come back with news on the way.

Article by – Alexandru

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