Chiox Goncourt – Romania’s choice

a project of publishing design in collaboration with the French Institute from Romania

Goncourt prize – Romania’s choice is a literary award given every year, starting with 2013, to the best literary work of the year written in French. The prize, whose jury consists of representatives of students of French faculties from 6 universities from Romania, already has an 8 editions history.

For the eighth edition of Choix Goncourt – Romania’s choice, we, Toud team, had the honor to make the dedicated booklet.

We work for more than 3 years with the French Institute from Romania. All the projects developed in collaboration went well. We manage each time to make work teams that are compatible, efficient and able to bring good results.

It was the same for this publishing design project.

We moved all this design to the area of the geometric shape.

In the shapes we made, we tried to give the idea o painting, brush strokes, thus highlighting the human side of the booklet. Choix Goncourt – Romania’s choice is, first of all, about people and the literary works they write. We chose to use the geometric pattern throughout the book to give the idea of unity, using different colors for each chapter.

The alternate rhythm is supported by chapter openers on which we put the geometric shapes and the books illustrated on the cover. Each work and each writer have a dedicated section where short summaries and biographies are presented, as well as a quote from one of the members of the jury.

To keep a balance in the design, we chose that on the back cover to use the same geometric shapes that can be found on the front cover.

For this project, we also made a poster, visual materials for social media, and a diploma model for the members of the jury.

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