H4L - strategie, creare identitate vizuala si website

H4L – strategy, visual identity creation and website for a real estate developer

H4L Development is the real estate developer from Romania that changes the construction paradigm by a human-centered approach. Home for life is the concept that this developer promotes in Romania. This approach consists of the design, construction, and management of residential spaces centered on people, their needs and their adaptation to human life. The residential projects that this developer proposes have generous green spaces, pedestrian alleys, co-working spaces, but, especially, places to live built with the purpose of becoming „home” (well-compartmentalized spaces, glazed spaces, high-quality materials, etc.).

To define H4L brand, we worked closely with H4L Development team, a team made of visionary and pragmatic people. During the next steps, we created the visual identity and website

The brand strategy was built around the elements that differentiate H4L Development from the other real estate developers on the market. Starting from the concept ”home for life” that H4L Development promotes and based on values like life, care, together, nature we defined the brand personality which is human-based. In a real estate market with a lot of big players with an approach based on position + price mix, our challenge was to build a brand capable to become relevant for the audience, right through its different approach and vision – home for life. 

The visual identity had as the main goal to highlight the human component. The logo contains the brand name and is formed of h4l (home for life) abbreviation and the word ”development”.  To highlight the human character of the brand, we chose to use a handwritten, cursive font when writing h4l.

For the website, we chose to build on the same idea of simple and clean. We created a single page where the information is highlighted with the help of figures and representative symbols. We used suggestive images that support the idea ”home for life” promoted by the brand. For user-friendly web design, we chose o use sections towards which the user cand easily navigate, keeping all as simple as possible. The first H4L Development project that highlights ”home for life” concept is in full development. Keep close to finding out more detalis.