Otopeni House

Probably the only house with a story in Otopeni.

Casa Otopeni is probably the only house with a story in Otopeni. Casa Otopeni is not a simple house in Otopeni, it is a house built to become a home.

Casa Otopeni duplex branding design story brand Toud design de brosura brosura realizare brosura

Alexandru, a very young Romanian entrepreneur, together with an architecture firm, not just any firm, one of the best-rated in Romania (you can find the name in the brochure) started a residential project in Otopeni. Their goal was to create in the most professional way a house, not just any kind of house, one capable of becoming a home.

Our goal (Toud) was to present their concept, to highlight the advantages that a family can have when choosing Casa Otopeni over an apartment, but also a house in general. We created a brochure for this project in which we captured the key elements. Before the brochure, we built a positioning and a set of branding elements that converge toward the idea of home.

We vibrated with this project, we believe in it and we think it is a strong alternative to an apartment in Bucharest. In addition, the price per square meter is an asset. There are recent studies that show the role of social life in a neighborhood of blocks and in the microspace of the block. Moreover, a series of studies show in the USA that the developments of individual houses – sprawl (neighborhoods of houses, very extended) are not true – spaces for life and that they produce unhappiness. In our case, Casa Otopeni, things are different. It’s a duplex, one located in a community, where social life can exist just like in a block of flats. There is much to say about the project, but much will be understood from the brochure and the photos below.

Casa Otopeni is a story about the ideal house, which really exists (because it can be seen on Ciprian Porumbescu street) and which can become a home.