BGF poster – French Government Scholarships

a colorful graphic design project

Each year, the French government, through the French Institute from Romania offers master and Ph.D. scholarships in France to Romanian students. Because 2020 was a year of changes and most of the campaigns moved online, publicity materials had to be adapted. Thus, part of the posters prepared for print are now made exclusively for social media and virtual environment.

In 2020, we made in collaboration with the French Institute from Romania, a poster announcing the opening of registrations for scholarships offered by the French Government. The brief received from the team within the Institute with which we collaborated for this graphic design project was a simple one. We already had an idea of how this poster had been made in the past, so we build based on the previous materials. But we chose to add more color.

We used a number of design tools to create a poster that is attractive to the target audience. After several feedback rounds, we chose a simple and clean layout for which we used the three colors found on the French flag: red, white, and blue to highlight the information.

Below you can see which was the final result of this graphic design project made in collaboration with the French Institute from Romania.

BGF 2022 - French Government Scholarships - graphic design project
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